We designed and built a custom e-learning website for entrepreneurs.


Self Made Man

Responsive Web
Vue.js, Node.js, Express, MongoDB
UI, UX, Front-end & Back-end development, Maintenance
with blend.

Offering an unprecedented lineup of motivational speakers famous for their successful business ventures, Self Made Man is the place to go find that fire—that spark—to ignite your path to success. The Expedition Co. designed, developed, and regularly maintains this entirely custom-built, premium e-learning platform.

Led by wildly successful serial entrepreneur, Mike Dillard, Self Made Man needed a web and mobile technology product to support its breakthrough into e-learning, an industry which has become known in recent years for its exponential growth and seemingly limitless potential.

Accessible on the go (mobile) or at your desk (desktop), Self Made Man is a fully responsive web application with 100% of its features available and intuitive to use on all devices, regardless of screen size.

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Sales Pages
Customers can browse classes and preview the ones they're interested in for free.
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Free Preview
By simply providing an email address, customers can instantly preview the full class.
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Sophisticated Funnel Automation
The system was designed to be able to intricately connect to every component of the client's existing marketing funnel.

A successful launch requires scalability

Expectations for launch day sign ups were through the roof, due to Mike Dillard’s remarkably influential online presence and proven ability to drive heavy traffic. As with all of the Expedition Co.’s products, Self Made Man was built to be infinitely scalable, thereby allowing for a seamless and stress-free market launch.