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Mobile optimization, dynamic video content, real-time updates, easy and intuitive search navigation… these are just a few of the features that have become standard for content delivery platforms, regardless of the content being provided to the end-user.

Unfortunately, Hyundai’s proprietary internal content system offered none of these features. This increasingly frustrated sales personnel who desperately needed continuous and reliable access to their sales tools and product information. Expedition Co. was called upon by Hyundai’s Sales Training division to overhaul this entire internal content platform and build in its place, a modern, sophisticated platform and dashboard portal that its thousands of nationwide sales associates could depend on.

Fig. 1— Hyundai Sales Training homepage

The Ultimate Sales Training Platform, In Your Pocket

It was no surprise to learn that Hyundai’s sales associates are rarely in front of a desktop computer. The devices they have continuous, reliable access to are their smart phones. Expedition Co. designed a system that enabled these on-the-go sales personnel to access and interact with all of the platform’s content, in its entirety, directly from the sales lot or the showroom floor.

Hyundai Sales Training Mobile ScreenshotsHyundai Sales Training Mobile Dashboard
Fig. 2— Optimized for on-the-go training


For years, Hyundai sent its nationwide sales associates to a third party learning management system (LMS) in order to complete their mandatory, monthly training courses. However, a bloated feature set, outdated design, and overly complex user flows regularly resulted in confused sales associates and frustrated LMS admins back at Hyundai HQ. To resolve these growing issues, Expedition Co. expanded upon the newly built HyundaiSalesTraining.com to include a proprietary LMS, customized to support Hyundai’s unique employee management and reporting processes.

High-Powered Search

With such a large amount of content housed on the platform, users need a quick, easy, yet powerful way to locate and view exactly what they want. It was also important to consider the wide range of experience that these sales associates have using technology and content portals. The solution: Expedition Co. created custom search capability that offers predictive, auto-generated search queries, saved searches, and popular/trending search results all in an easy to to use interface.

Hyundai Sales Training Search FeatureHyundai Sales Training Search MenuHyundai Sales Training Saved Searches
Hyundai Sales Training Email Sharing
Effortless Sharing
Simple 2-click sharing allows employees to send articles, images, videos, and PDFs to public, off-platforms users (potential customers).
Hyundai Sales Training Real-Time Notifications
Real-time Notifications
Users are instantly notified via SMS, email, and in-platform popups when new content is available, and when new e-learning content is assigned to them.
Custom Reports
Dealer, district, or regional Sales Managers can generate highly customizable reports in order track their Sales Associates' productivity, vehicle certification progress, and e-learning content completion.
"The quality of [Expedition Co.’s] work blows me away because every time we ask for something, they consistently exceed our expectations. The team goes outside the scope to improve a component because they believe in their work and want to deliver the best product possible."
Jared Dowdy– Sr. Manager, National Sales Training