Kind Traveler

Warrior for good

Lead by two industry veterans, the founders of Kind Traveler are attempting to change the world one hotel night at a time. Their business model is simple, donate money to a charity of your choice and receive a rebate on your next hotel stay. The complicated part? Building a robust booking platform that ties seamlessly into the hotel industry’s universal database while also allowing for unrestricted, secure donations to any charity world-wide.
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HTML, CSS, Javascript, Drupal


UI, UX, Development
Kind Traveler

The Brief

Create a hotel booking platform that services the hospitality industry while simultaneously rewarding its users for their charitable generosity and philanthropic outreach.

With such an overwhelming number of hotel options to choose from and just as many charities around the world, we needed to find the perfect balance between providing information that is immediately accessible vs. information that is hidden within intuitive filters, expandable containers, and well-laid out subpages.

Conscious Traveler

The Expedition Co. not only understands this concept, it practices it. The idea of being a mindful traveler - someone that is socially aware of the effects their travels have on others - was woven right into the website’s design. This resulted in an end product that actually feels like it is doing good for the planet. At its core, Kind Traveler’s user-experience promotes, celebrates, and empowers the conscious traveler.

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