Dividend Investment Tracking Made Simple

With so many different online trading platforms and portfolio management tools available to financial investors, we were shocked to learn that not one of these digital products provide a method for tracking and forecasting stock dividends as a standalone service. The opportunity was obvious, and is why Phinaz Media Group invested in the development of a financial analysis tool that would fill this market gap while also satisfying the needs of its international subscribers.



Responsive Web


React.js, Node.js, MongoDB


UI, UX, Development, Maintenance
Divcaster Financial Dashboard

The Brief

Design and architect a portfolio management tool for tracking and forecasting quarterly/annual stock dividends. Ensure that the platform’s design and interactivity promotes a user experience that is simple and intuitive for an 55+ demographic.

How do you help customers maximize the income potential of their investment portfolios? You give them unrestricted access to well-organized real-time market data as well as portfolio management features that promote simple and effective ways to experiment with their investments prior to making buy/sell confirmations.

Solving "What if" Scenarios

Financial investing is riddled with “what ifs”. What if I bought Apple stock in 1980? What if I invested in more dividend-friendly stock options? What if I have to rely on my stock portfolio for retirement income? To help Divcaster customers answer these questions, it was important for us to integrate a dynamic portfolio augmentation tool for capturing an infinite amount of manually inputted what-if scenarios.

Divcaster Responsive Web DesignDivcaster Responsive Web Design

"They [ExCo] are fantastic about providing updates, and it’s easy to communicate with the team…it feels like we’re their only client.."

Brett Klasko
CEO, Phinaz Media Group