Amazon for dentists

Not willing to accept the status quo, the founder of Matix is flipping the dental supply commerce industry upside down by providing the first ever all-in-one online inventory management and ordering solution. Since breaking ground in 2014, the Expedition Co. has played a critical role in defining the product and designing and developing every aspect of the platform’s robust functionality.
With Blend.




PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Stripe


UI, UX, Front-end development, Back-end development
Matix Ecommerce for Dentists

The Brief

Outline, define, and build a market changing e-commerce site capable of replacing the cumbersome and out-dated 100% manual order process that has plagued the dental supply industry for half a century.

The Expedition Co. built a system that provides greater transparency and far more efficient workflows that can be delegated by dentists while maintaining complete control over the supply researching and ordering process.

Advanced user permissions for regulated products

20% of a dentist’s monthly re-supply order requires a verified doctor’s license prior to purchase. In the old transaction model this was handled manually by fax machines and call center workers. The Expedition Co. solved this in Matix by building in advanced permissions capabilities and fully HIPAA-compliant data transfer.

Matix Vendor Dashboard