Web Design for Startups

To meet the existing standards of competition in the market, your startup will need a dynamic website that will provide your brand with an exclusive identity. Your website should leave a lasting impression on your audience, giving conversions a higher likelihood, and setting you up for repeat visitors.

Web design for startups can be a powerful tool to give an iconic and big start to your business. Done correctly, it can create a powerful impression through your website that has been customized according to your requirements and needs. The purpose of customizing a website design for small businesses is to help you gain popularity in the market through your creative and appealing startup web design.

Startups, Make a Solid First Impression

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Do you want to change your standard startup website design to something more edgy and appealing to the eye? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Expedition Co., we specialize in creative website designs for small businesses.

Web design companies for small businesses focus on what new companies will need in order to attract a larger audience, and to create an impression that will endure. To achieve that impression, you'll want to hire the best website developers for small businesses out there - developers who understand the importance of being extremely creative in establishing your online presence.

If you’ve decided on the requirements for your website, then your next step will be to employ a company to create the site for you. At Expedition Co., we don’t ask you to provide us with rigid project details upfront. All you have to do is tell us what your goals and needs are. We'll take it from there. We will not only create a website for you, but we will also educate and guide you through the procedure and help you glean some important aspects which might have been missed in your initial plan. We want to become your partner, not just another outside vendor!

We are creative and original when it comes to providing great ideas for startups, small scale businesses, and larger scale companies. We work with companies of all sizes, keeping top of mind their requirements and their budget. Working with Expedition Co. will help you stay within your budget, giving you room and financial flexibility to explore more options for an eye-catching website.

Web design for startups is often compromised, as many startup owners are unable to expand their budget for quality web design. That’s one reason why Expedition Co. is considered to be one of the best website companies for small business - we design competitive websites for small startups, which are oftentimes financed within a limited budget. We understand the vital importance of having a good website, and we’d like to help you in achieving your business goals- no matter what stage of maturity your company is in.

Web Design Solutions for Web-Based Startups

While setting up their website design, startups face certain obstacles that may cause them to rethink their decision to invest on their website, and to wonder whether their business idea is worth the expenditure. Let’s take a closer look at that quandary, and assess the risk versus ROI.

Startup Concept—Worth it or Not?

A lot of investors step back from investing money in startups initially because they don’t see the idea as being able to drive success in the long run. This initial stage is when the startup needs to prove to their potential investors that their concept is worth the investment, and demonstrate how this investment will help others achieve their business objectives. To make this possible, we assist in the creation of websites for startup companies that speak for themselves. Our websites will make investors take the second look, and pique their interest in financially backing your project. Our creative and engaging websites are strategically designed to ensure that potential investors are able to see the potential of your idea, and help them visualize how it will be brought to life.

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Strategizing and Architectural Layout

As many startups have limited investment at the onset of their company’s presence, they don’t always have the means to finance a more creatively designed architectural layout of their business strategies. This is one of the many areas where Expedition Co. can help.  We help your startup present your business model professionally, enabling others to understand the potential positive outcomes of your business idea. An effective and creative web design is key in helping startups to attract more investors, and allowing your idea to make a splash in what may be an already saturated market.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

Every company, whether it’s a small scale startup or a large and mature business, always has room for improvement. At Expedition Co., we offer our services to companies that are looking for a long-term partner to help them improve their web planning, designing, and development throughout the lifecycle and tenure of their business. At every step in the process, we’re there to offer our expertise and support.

Ongoing Support

Many startups require an extra helping hand, particularly when they’re still finding their footing and carving out their place in the market. During this stage, they often require technological support to help them tackle any glitches on their website, or help in changing the already existing website to meet their evolving requirements.

Expedition Co. provides them the support they need, whenever they need it. You can contact us for our services at any time of the day and our informative and helpful team will guide you through any question or concern you have.

A Peek into the Process

Web designing for startups requires going through multiple stages to ensure a new company achieves their goal of a complete, creative, and functioning website. With each step, we encourage startups to provide us with feedback regarding the design and development- allowing our teams to incorporate any necessary changes accordingly. To make your website idea a reality, we strategically follow these five steps:

1. Discovery & Planning

At Expedition Co., we’ll research your startup’s goals, important characteristics, product details, and the audience that you have chosen to target. Our research team will also study the competitors of your startup to help you surpass and exceed their standards, allowing your business to drive a greater impact, and leave a longer lasting impression on your customers.

2. Design

In this phase, wireframes and the UI design are completed. We keep our main focus on the frontend of the website, which showcases what each feature will look like and what the user experience will be for the current release. Wireframing helps us to show all the possible color options, tabs to be used, information to be included, and how it will all be organized on the webpage. Once the client approves the design guides we have laid out for them, they will be shown a mockup. This mockup ensures confidence in the finished product, and gives an idea of what to expect out of our creative process.

web development wireframing

3. Development

In this stage, we begin development for the current release, and work to make the features designed in the second phase fully operational. This phase also involves prototyping, which is the process of changing the visuals into codes, and making the website more functional so that users can employ it with ease. Our prototypes are written by our developers who are focused on coding with the right input to decrease the risk of bugs or issues post- deployment.

4. Testing & Validation

Ask any development team, and they will tell you that rigorous testing is probably the most important part of the process. Every single we build link is tested to make sure that there are no broken sections among them. We also check every form, every script, and run a spell-checking software to eliminate any possible typos. Finally, we use code validators to make sure that the code we have created is in alignment with the current web standards.

5. Dev Complete & Code Warranty

Once the agreed upon feature set is completed, tested, and fully approved by Project Casting and there are no outstanding bugs, “Dev Complete” status is achieved. Expedition Co. will then remain on standby to fix any bugs, errors with functionality, or user experience issues during our included 30-day code warranty.

This Is Expedition Co.

Expedition Co. employs a team of professionals who are subject matter experts in their fields. They work collaboratively to creatively design websites for small businesses. Each stage of creating and implementing a web design for startups is done with extreme detail and care to provide our customers with an amazing experience, no matter what their budget size may be. We firmly believe in leading with creativity, so every design project we undertake brings out unique and intriguing ideas from our team of developers.

We believe in giving our customers a product that meets and exceeds their expectations. To ensure that this happens, we meticulously follow the unique requirements of our clients and won't rest until we've created something that they are impressed with and delighted by. We design websites that ensure that your viewers not only remember you, but come back to your site when they need your services. Our premiere website design experience has helped several startups to grow and become successful. We help businesses to:

  • Make a high-impact and memorable digital debut
  • Attract and retain investors and customers
  • Develop a winning and reliable strategy for the monetization of web and mobile sites

Our main focus is not just to satisfy the startups that choose us for their web designing, but also the end-users, or customers, who will be using your website. Our ultimate goal is to achieve your business objectives while increasing your customer base and making a lasting impression on a targeted audience that has the potential to become regular customers. This can only be achieved by creating a web design that is resourceful, innovative, and easy to use.

At Expedition Co., we know how important a strikingly designed professional website is for startups that are hoping to scale their business to a larger level. Our aim is to form partnerships with these startups that allow them to achieve their evolving goals throughout their business lifecycle, where they can always access our web designing services whenever required.

Want to know more about our startup web design services? Give us a call.