Total insight, total control

With a successful business model proven in the Netherlands, Carmine’s Dutch parent company, Unigrid, wanted to bring its fleet management technology to America. To penetrate the industry’s dense U.S. market, Expedition Co. was brought on to overhaul the feature set of this SaaS platform and implement an entirely new, ultra-modern user experience throughout.
With Blend.


Web, iOS & Android


PHP, MySQL, Stripe, Cassandra


Branding, UX, UI, Front-end development, Back-end development
Carmine Dashboard

The Brief

Create a brand name and logo that supports the brand promise and values; define a feature set that exceeds best-in-class products available in the US market; and develop, test, and launch a world-class enterprise SaaS product nationwide.

While we weren’t responsible for building the hardware—an automotive OBD II dongle—our system needed to recognize, receive, and parse the data shared by the device. We built in triple redundancies, local backups, and batch transfers to account for any possible driving condition or drop in service coverage.

Real-time everything

To easily and efficiently manage their drivers, Carmine’s fleet supervisors needed to be able to monitor driver status, receive vehicle behavior alerts, calculate trip savings, and communicate with their drivers in the field—all in real-time. This functionality produces an extremely large, continuous stream of transferred data, which required us to structure the database and back-end architecture in a way that keeps the flow of information stable and reliable.

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