Mobile App Development Services

The digital world is ever-changing. It has become highly dynamic, with customers always on the move. Apps are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction today. Customers have smart devices in their hands all the time and are using mobile app services regularly. They want all the important information to remain in their hands, all the time. 

This is why custom application development has become essential today for almost every business. If you’re trying to boost your sales with the help of technology, app development is highly recommended. 

Business applications are not always for selling products or solutions. There are various other purposes for which mobile apps are used. If you are in the retail business, custom mobile app development can be very helpful for increasing your sales. On the contrary, if you are in the telecom business, an app can prove fruitful for customer support and engagement. Whatever the purpose, our mobile application development services company has you covered.

Mobile App Development Solutions for Forward-Thinking Businesses 

We live in an era where everyone is keeping a computer in their pocket. Nearly 50% of smartphone users around the world believe that it is difficult to live without their mobile device. 

According to statistics, 61% of mobile users tend to read emails on their portable devices. 92% of users browse with the help of a mobile app while 8% are surfing the web through their smartwatches. Moreover, 84% of users think that a non-intrusive and feature-rich mobile experience is important across all handheld tablets and mobile devices. 

Utilizing cross-platform mobile app and native development experience and expertise in both iOS and Android platforms is important for a feature-rich mobile experience. It is the art of developing power-packed applications with stunning UX/UI design which simply defies all expectations. 

It is also important for businesses to use the latest APIs, SDKs, and development platforms to tap deep into the operating systems and conjure groundbreaking solutions that ensure high user adoption.

Android App Development 

Businesses today are turning toward mobile applications to reach a larger customer base. With more than 86.8% share, Android is the dominant mobile OS on the market. Therefore, it has become necessary for all businesses to leverage the benefits of an Android application. 

Why should you develop an Android app for your business? Android app development offers tremendous amounts of operational and strategic benefits. Regardless of whether your business is big or small, leveraging Android app development can be a smart move to grow your business and improve revenues. 

At Expedition Co., we provide Android mobile application services for clients who wish to reach more than two billion monthly active users on the Android platform. We build applications for multiple Android devices including phones, tablets, TV, and wearables like watches. 

We provide android app development services ranging from development and design to testing and support. We also provide end-to-end mobile app development services for helping you build a new application from scratch on the Android platform. 

Despite the complexity of the Android ecosystem and its fragmentation problems, our process of app development allows us to build and test Android apps fairly quickly. With us, you get an Android app that is high-performing, cyber-secure, 99.9% crash-free, and material design-compliant. 

iOS App Development 

iPhone mobile devices are famous for their efficient technology and all the advanced features that users want. The business futurists see iOS mobile application development as a worthwhile source for business growth. The target can be achieved by using the right functionality, app, and distribution at the perfect time.

iOS devices are ruling the world and have made their mark in the application development realm. They can be an exceptional source to bring in new customers for increasing your revenue and sales. The iPhone has consistently had a fan base due to its new and happening technology. This is a unique aspect of iOS, it is proposing a great opportunity to create and then sell your application to millions of users. Since a large number of internet users have iPhone devices, it is a sensible move to invest in creating an iOS app for your business. 

At Expedition Co., we provide a full range of iOS mobile app development services to make your business ideas thrive. Our iOS development team offers services for various business domains and devices including Ipad, iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. We build both consumer mobile applications and enterprise apps for our clients. 

Our app developers have vast experience in building native applications for iPhones and other iOS devices. They know how to maximize their performance and security to ensure that the app provides the best possible user experience. We offer full-cycle development services which means that development, design, testing, and maintenance will be fully our responsibility. Our team manages mobile development services and creation from A to Z, making sure that the end-product meets your business goals. 

Our Process

This process includes various steps that turn an idea into a proper application form. The development process of a mobile application is no piece of cake. It requires a thoughtful and step-by-step approach so that maximum benefits can be reaped. 

It does not matter what kind of a mobile app development project it is, it always helps to divide the work into different steps. It not only makes it easier to execute but also makes it less complicated. Moreover, the work can be made time-bound, avoiding unnecessary delays in the completion of the project. 

There are five key phases involved in our mobile application development services:

1. Discovery 

The first phase involves research, planning, and information architecture. This produces a product road-map, finalized feature set, and comprehensive development strategy for Project Casting’s entire product and release.

2. Design 

Design is completed with a heavy emphasis on the user interface of the app showing what each feature will look like and what the user experience will be for the current release.

3. Development 

Development begins for the current release and works to make the features designed in the second phase operational.

4. Testing & Validation

We go over each step properly to ensure that there are no loopholes in the entire process. Features will be tested and verified to ensure they function according to the agreed upon features for the current release and that the platform can scale to handle the agreed upon usage.

5. Dev Complete & Code Warranty

We don’t just stop at creating the mobile app for you, but we continue to support the process after it has been launched. We remain on standby to fix any bugs, errors with functionality, or user experience issues during the 30-day code warranty.

From getting a request to create a mobile app to launching it in the market, we go through various agile iterations together with our clients. At Expedition Co., we provide mobile app development services, specializing in both native and hybrid apps for a wide range of devices. Clients rely on our comprehensive design documentation, agile development and testing, and post-launch support.

Expedition Co. Is Your Go-To App Developer

Our clients choose us time and time again because we excel in different areas of mobile app development. Why are we famous among our clients? First of all, it’s because we focus on clear communication. We’ve devised a solid plan to ensure that a clear channel of communication is built between our team and clients. We make sure that you have a clear vision of what’s going on in the project. 

We also uphold our promise of efficient project management which is aimed at avoiding budget overruns, preventing project risks, and disruption. Our robust project management practices ensure that the end-product meets our clients’ expectations. An agile and proactive approach allows us to deliver your project on time while avoiding emergency work, rework, and schedule slips. 

Our technology stack includes not only programming languages and tools needed to build apps for iPhones and Android smartphones, but also technologies to develop apps for smartwatches, smart TVs, and IoT solutions. We believe our clients should have as few worries as possible. That’s why when conditions change and you need to increase the size of your team, we add as many people as needed to finish everything on time. We gather the best multi-skilled specialists for you! 

We also ensure fast onboarding. Our customers are from all corners of the country, so we know how to establish and streamline communication and collaboration. We develop mobile apps for startups, entrepreneurial app creators, and Fortune 500 companies. We’ve established our reputation in the industry through our commitment to sophisticated mobile app design and development.

Our mobile app development agency is our clients’ first choice for all the right reasons. Expedition Co. offers the best app development services in the industry. We are a forward-thinking and forward-looking web development company, providing only the best to our clients. For more information on our mobile application development solutions, contact our team today.