Custom Web Application Development

If you’re a business owner, you know that your business has a unique workflow. Not every external tool and service is going to be the best fit for you and your needs. Sometimes they just aren’t perfect for your business requirements. At other times, they are just too difficult to implement on your website. 

This is where custom development can be the best solution for you. You have your needs analyzed by a professional web application development company and then build a useful and powerful application that can make your life easier. 

custom web application
Custom web application that ExCo designed and developed for Hyundai

Not All Applications Are Created Equal

There are two main kinds of apps: Native Apps and Mobile Web Apps. Native Apps are developed for a specific device. They have access to a device’s hardware and features (like camera, location, push notifications, etc.) and are distributed in the App Store/Market. Mobile Web Apps are Internet-enabled applications accessible through the web browser of any mobile device or tablet. They don’t require downloading or updating from the App Store/Market.

We often get clients interested in app development. They envision their app will deliver a top-of-the-line user experience and be available in the App Store/Market. Even though this describes the typical native app, we recommend that you consider mobile web applications. For one, they have a greater reach and are more cost-effective to build and maintain. Also, web apps can either be made part of an entirely new website or can be implemented on an existing website.

It is important to understand that web application services are not the same as typical mobile applications. They are also different from conventional website design. Custom web application development services are complicated, and simply not available ‘out of the box’. They are designed particularly to process, capture, and store data. 

For instance, a tour company can ask a web application company to develop a custom web application for selling tickets directly through their website. The ticket inventory would be attached to the app, and customers would be able to easily make payments and then receive their tickets without having to leave the website. 

Scaled Solutions through Sophisticated Design

Every business strives to ensure that its processes are optimized and it can reach its objectives in a faster, cheaper, and more efficient manner. When these goals are achieved, a company gains a major advantage over its competitors and receives resources for future development.

There are five business problems which can be solved through custom web application development services:

Valuable Data Collection and Processing 

A company generates a vast amount of data during its operations. In the case of manual handling of these operations, it may require too many resources and a lot of time. A web app is developed to address these needs and can combine various steps into a single one so that it speeds up and automates the transfer process.

Data on Demand

Another problem which businesses often face is the lack of required data when it is needed. This is particularly true in the context of accounting reports. Data acquisition in this aspect may take a lot more time. A web app can generate an accounting report instantly and provide access to relevant data, successfully solving the problem. 

custom web application data reports
Custom data reports for Matix, an enterprise e-commerce application for dentists

Launching New Products and Services on the Market

Website app development by a dedicated web app development company allows for the creation of services that couldn’t exist without information technology. This feature helps the businesses stand out in their industry and gain a competitive advantage over other businesses. 

For instance, by using a web app, airline customers can conveniently check-in for their flight and register their luggage from anywhere with internet access. By using a web app, customers of insurance companies can also issue comprehensive insurance policies on their own. 

Employee Work Supervision and Operational Monitoring of Processes

With a web app, it becomes easier to track employees’ work in real-time, which improves the quality of human and material resource management. This is especially important for businesses that are employing hundreds of people and want to know something particular about an employee’s present work. 

For instance, a transportation business can monitor the route of a specific driver, check the number of stops that they completed, receive data regarding vehicle speed, and track other indicators. 

Custom employee management tool
Internal employee management tool that was build for Carmine, a fleet management company

Internal Corporate Tool 

Web apps bring various internal corporate tools for businesses. They help automate processes that can save a large amount of money, increase the efficiency of discrete departments, and improve the entire company and its functions. 

Moreover, with responsive design, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to make a web-based system user-friendly across multiple platforms and various screen sizes.

Our Process

Clients that take part in Expedition Co.’s custom web application development process have access to professionals who know exactly how to deliver what they need. The process may seem to be lengthy and tough, but it only ensures that the demands of our clients are met adequately. 

1. Planning & Specification 

Our custom web application development process is kicked off by listening to our clients and learning about their vision for the custom application. Our team, together with our clients, will discuss in detail what they need. Our goal here is to ensure that our clients’ web apps function just as they envisioned so they will get to review and approve everything before the actual web app development service is initiated. Here, the final costs are also calculated so that there are no hidden surprises at the end. 

2. Design

Wireframes and the UI design is completed with main focus on the frontend of the custom web app showing what each feature will look like and what the user experience will be for the current release. 

3. Actual Web App Development 

At this stage, our website application development company will work its charm. You can sit back and relax while our team takes care of everything. 

4. Testing & Validation

This step is crucial to the whole app development process: we ensure that this step is never compromised. Our team always tests the web application on different devices and browsers, and under different circumstances, so that our clients can be confident that their custom application will perform its job flawlessly. 

5. Dev Complete & Code Warranty

Once the agreed upon feature set is completed, tested, and fully approved, “Dev Complete” status is achieved. We will then remain on standby to fix any bugs, errors with functionality, or user experience issues during the 30-day code warranty.

Turning Fledgling Ideas into Compelling Products

Expedition Co. is a leading-edge web app development service that is strategically partnering with different small- to large-scale businesses to achieve new heights in user experiences. Our highly skilled technical team is always ready to help our clients develop new channels for reaching end-users. We'll help you to facilitate the growth and success of your business while consistently achieving the set standards.

No matter where you are, we are dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients. We are in no way limited by geographical boundaries. We are always ready to serve our clients within the country, beyond state lines, and across oceans and borders. We are a full-service website and app development agency ready to bring your company the accolades that it deserves from its fan base and audience. 

As a professional and experienced custom web application development service, we stay up-to-date and follow the lead of all the latest technology trends. Whenever our team senses that the trends in the industry are changing, we quickly pull up our sleeves and pivot all the strategies, employing the latest practices and technologies for bringing the future of custom web application design to our clients. 

We are consistently offering the best-rated services in website app development. If you are a business looking for better customer engagement and increased website visitors, then we have the best web and mobile app solutions for you. 

The best part of our app development process is that we are using the industry’s best tools and strategies to deliver actual results to our clients. Google Analytics, WordPress, Drupal, and many others are included in our list of tools used to create the best web and app-related solutions for our clients. 

You don’t have to provide us with rigid project details upfront. You just need to tell us your goals, objectives, and ideas around what needs to be built, while we take care of the rest. Our customer-oriented approach drives us to work only by the latest methodologies and provide cost-effective service. With our experience applied, your web app will become a powerful machine that functions both as a face of your company and an impeccable service.

If you have a brilliant idea for your business related to its web app development, your one-stop-shop is Expedition Co. You can trust us to understand your vision and implement it through our custom web application development services.

Contact our team today if you have any questions related to our process and abilities.