Corporate Web Design

It’s no secret that the corporate sector has become increasingly competitive. Having a great corporate web design is now a vital necessity for every company. Effective corporate web design plays a huge role in helping your company succeed, as it gives your website the power to optimize the customer experience through its easy-to-understand and easy-to-use design.

Your enterprise web portal design is one of the most powerful marketing assets your company has. When you invest in  strategic web design for your company, it makes your business more visible in search engines. It can help potential clients and business partners not only find your company, but understand what you do and how you can help them. It enables you to showcase how they will benefit from partnering with you.

A well done strategic website will bring in new clients and customers on auto-pilot, enabling you to focus on serving your clients- instead of on marketing your business.

website design meeting
Web designers meeting to discuss the client's workflows

We Put the Co in Corporate

Expedition Co. is a corporate web development company that allows firms to grow their customer base and improve their online presence by providing a professional enterprise website design. Our team of web developers are experts in their fields, and can provide immeasurable help in achieving our customers’ goals.

When we say we put the Co in Corporate, we mean it. Our creative team of web designers and developers make sure that they meet the requirements for your unique enterprise web application development. We follow the guidelines that you provide to come up with a one of a kind idea and transform it into the best corporate web design possible.

Whether you are a well-established business or a fledgling startup, there are a number of benefits to getting a professional website designed from a good corporate web design agency:

Original and Engaging Content

Website content creator
Website content creator

When you provide your customers with more than what they expect from you, you will leave a long-lasting impression on them. You set the expectation from the get go that you’re willing to go above and beyond. To accomplish this, it is imperative to have original and engaging content on your web pages. Your content must provide all the information that your potential customers need to know about your brand, your product, and all the services that you provide. Presenting this content creatively will engage a potential customer on a deeper than surface level- piquing their interest, and setting the stage for business to come.

Well-organized Website

Maintaining a well organized website is crucial for any business. Any professional website development company will tell you that this is a key point to building a successful site.

A potential customer visiting your website to shop won’t be happy if they have to dig for tabs and important functions on your page to find the information that they are looking for. To make their experience smooth and easy to navigate, organizing your website clearly and professionally is vital. A user-friendly website significantly increases the chances of being visited again simply because of its easy usability.

Easy Accessibility for Customers

With your information presented in an organized fashion on your webpage, your customers will be able to easily reach out and contact you to learn more. This will help them connect with your brand. Allowing your customers to easily contact your company gives them the opportunity to easily begin building a healthy and thriving customer relationship.

Corporate Web Design Capabilities

As a corporate website design company who aims to collaborate closely with our customers, we will not stop working until we know that you are satisfied. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel totally comfortable and sure that your requirements are being fulfilled as we provide you with updated enterprise website solutions.

We cater to all of your business’s unique needs and make sure that our web design represents your brand and the company’s values to the fullest, attracting a wide consumer base and influencing them with your quality product presentation.

User-friendly Design

Mobile app user flow

Expedition Co.’s professional enterprise web development enables the customer to employ a design that is customized according to their needs, while simultaneously assisting them in achieving their business goals through web design. Our main objective as a corporate website design company is to maintain the utmost professionalism with our clients. We provide the best website layouts for our customers, helping their brands stand out from their competition.

We know how important the role of user-friendly websites is and as such, we make it our priority to provide website solutions that will be hassle free to use and will help your customers easily access and navigate your website.

Desktop and Mobile Web Designs

We focus on ensuring that your web designs are supported by all devices and their accompanying systems. Our website solutions enable your company to be easily accessible through mobile phones and other devices such as tablets, desktops, or personal laptop computers.

Coding and Data

Expedition Co. utilizes the most up to date and modern sources of data and coding, raising the standard for the security of your website. Using new and updated coding ensures that your data is kept where you want it- safe, secure, and out of the wrong hands.

Quick and Efficient Work

It’s common knowledge that a brand begins to lose customers when a website takes too long to load. With that in mind, we make sure that the websites we design and develop work as smoothly and as quickly as possible, ensuring that customers don’t drop off in those precious seconds before actually viewing your offerings, We design and supply you with a website developed to work at lightning speed.

Web Design Processes Made Easy

With a few notable exceptions, brands are not typically aware of how web development procedures work. Expedition Co. takes time to educate our customers, and to help them understand the procedures on a much deeper level. We do this so that you will know what to expect out of each level of development as we follow our proven step-by-step process. With each level of this procedure, we aim to showcase our expertise to our clients and educate them on how our web design will allow them to enjoy instant and profitable results.

1. Discovery Phase

During this phase, our team does extensive research and gathers all the needed information about our clients and their potential customers to make the as relatable as possible for them. This step is a critical one in designing the basis of your web design.

Once we have gathered all the information about a client’s needs and requirements, our team will consolidate it, and develop ideas to begin designing a plan. Planning before implementing an idea helps us clarify a lot of questions that we might have about the firm and their ideas for a website.

We are firm believers that it is vital to understand the customer, and listen to what they have to say and want to achieve through web design.

2. Design Phase

This phase is where the web design process kicks off. Our team starts working on wireframes and the UI design with a heavy emphasis on the frontend of the system, showing what the website will look like once it is completed with all necessary details in place. We work as a team to balance the form and function of a professional corporate web page and utilize all the data we’ve collected along the way to organize it in a way that is easy for the customers to access and understand.

3. Development Phase

Once the design is finalized, the information is organized and relegated to its respective position on the web page. Now is when the development really begins. In this case, “development” refers to the process of changing all the visuals into codes and making the design a written and coded reality.

4. Testing & Validation

In this phase, features are tested and verified to ensure they function according to the agreed upon features for the current release. This is also when we ensure that the chosen platform can scale to handle the volume of the agreed upon customer usage.

5. Dev Complete & Code Warranty

A professional corporate web development company like ours doesn’t just ‘deliver’ the website and call it a day. We aren’t happy with the bare minimum. We take the time to help you with maintenance once your site has been launched. This means that we help you maintain the health of your website, and fix any issues immediately while keeping an eye on potential bugs to avoid any problems. Expedition Co. remains on standby to fix any bugs, errors, or user issues with ease and finesse during your included 30-day code warranty.

Trust Expedition Co.

web development team
Expedition Co. engineering team conducting a whiteboard session

Creating and designing the best professional corporate web design is a huge responsibility, and one that requires time and effort. At Expedition Co., we come to you backed with years of experience and expertise in the field. We provide you with our undivided attention, ensuring that your  brand will be able to engage your audience on a more effective level.

Corporate website development might look on the surface like an easy and straightforward job, but in truth it takes a dedicated and experienced team to generate a finished product that will provide a handy return on investment for clients. To create a fruitful corporate web design, it is essential to have a team that is passionate about web development, and committed to working hard to bring out the best web solutions for clients.

If a design doesn’t appeal to you, there’s a high possibility that it won’t be appreciated by the potential customers visiting your website. That’s why we just don’t keep in mind your requirements, but also perform extensive research and analysis of your competitors to create something creative and different from the pack. We aim to truly make your enterprise web design stand out. Performing this research allows us to extract the maximum value from your web development, and enables you to generate real and proven results.

Are you ready to build a powerful corporate website that skyrockets your conversions and attracts customers? If so, contact us today to learn more about our services.