Revolutionary Electric Dream Space

What do you get when you combine paradigm shifting car design with a future-proofed electric motor and the limitless resources of a Chinese multinational? The answer—a truly one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking initiative that is guaranteed to make waves in the global automotive and transportation industry. To support the worldwide premiere of Redspace, Expedition Co. designed and built its award-winning marketing site—further amplifying its incredibly successful, omnichannel PR campaign.
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Redspace Homepage

The Brief

Effectively communicate the current transportation problems that plague Chinese mega cities. Use strategic messaging, animation, car photography, and a vibrant color palette to showcase the Redspace EV, which is an incredibly creative and practical solution to these problems.

Expedition Co. worked around the clock to successfully wireframe, design, develop, test,
and deploy this robust marketing website in time for the vehicle’s worldwide debut at the
2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Bold Design

Redspace isn’t an ordinary car, which meant that couldn’t have an ordinary marketing website. To accomplish this, we utilized full screen color takeovers, large, beautiful 2D and 3D renders of the car, looping animations depicting the car’s unique features, and intricate yet incredibly smooth parallax scrolling.

Redspace Mobile DesignRedspace Mobile Design