We partnered with Beatstoc to reinvent the relationship between artists & fans



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Tech Stack
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Beatstoc is the brainchild of a team that has witnessed a massive shift in the music industry first-hand. Streaming services are affecting Artist earnings. Fans want more engagement and more intimate access to the artists they love in the age of social media. How can we facilitate a healthier ecosystem; one that mutually benefits artists and fans alike?

Expedition Co. is helping Beatstoc position itself to be the solution. In doing so, ExCo has designed and built a scalable mobile and desktop web product that executes on Beatstoc’s core objective: provide a public platform to foster a more meaningful, intimate relationship between music artists and their fans, while rewarding artists with new revenue streams.

Fig. 1— Fans can participate in an artist's IFO, or "Initial Fan Offering"

Creating a New Revenue Stream for Artists

Beatstoc is leveraging artist popularity in a ways that have never been done before, turning it into a tradable “exchange” that rises and falls with the market. Given the industry and its core user-base, this buy/sell experience needed to be simple, intuitive, secure, and above all else, exclusive.

Fig. 2— Fans can discover artists on the rise and get exclusive access...

Exclusive Access

Beastoc allows super fans the opportunity to participate in the rise and fall of an Artist’s presence in the market.  But what’s even more exciting and revolutionary is way Beatstoc activates new ways for Artists to connect with and engage their fans. For example, private concerts, studio sessions, and direct 2-way communication within micro-community groups are all exclusive fan perks.

Beatstoc Portfolio Snapshot
Portfolio Snapshot
Simple overview of your investments. Who’s doing well today? This week? This year?
Beatstoc Discover Feed
The most lucrative ventures aren’t always bluechip (A-listers). Instead, users can track underground “sleepers” that are positioned to take over.
Beatstoc Live Events
Live Events
Accessible only to PoP-holders, these live events are the ultimate reward for super fans that crave exclusive access to their favorite artists.

Artist Management

In order to satisfy the administration requirements for Artists profiles and PoP* management, we built a custom, standalone admin portal and reporting system. This provides artist managers fully-transparent market data, historic trading prices, and PoP-holder information in real-time, putting them in complete control of their Artist’s market profiles.

* PoP, or Piece of Popularity— the tradable equity associated with an artist's online and offline popularity
Beatstoc Artist Management
Fig. 3— Viewing an artist's performance data

Out with the old

The most challenging aspect of this project was forcing ourselves to throw out every assumption we had about the music industry: how artists make money, where they get discovered, and how they grow their fanbase. Beatstoc isn’t just another streaming platform, nor is it a place for artists to make money selling their music. Beatstoc is creating new royalties for artists based on entirely different factors such as popularity and fan engagement, among many others.

"They have an amazing process, and have helped us to figure out where we need to be and how we can get there. With daily, weekly, and monthly updates, they're great about communicating with our entire team."
Mick Sweeney – Founding Team Member, Beatstoc Inc.