Reinventing the artist/fan relationship

Beatstoc is the brainchild of a team that has witnessed a massive shift in the music industry first-hand. Artists are getting screwed over in the age of streaming. Fans want more engagement and more intimate access to the artists they love in the age of social media. How can we facilitate a healthier ecosystem; one that mutually benefits artists and fans alike? The Expedition Co. is helping Beatstoc position itself to be the solution.
With Blend.


Web, iOS & Android


Flask, MySQL, Swift, Java, React & SQLAlchemy


Product Strategy, UI, UX, Front-end & Back-end Development

The Brief

Design, build, and scale a mobile and desktop web product that executes on Beatstoc's core objective: provide a public platform to foster a more meaningful, intimate relationship between music artists and their fans, while rewarding artists with new revenue streams.

The Expedition Co. has been there from the beginning, taking the idea from a rough prototype and building out an incredibly robust API to support five different products across three platforms, from native mobile apps to desktop web experiences.

Out with the old

The most challenging aspect of this project was forcing ourselves to throw out every assumption we had about the music industry: how artists make money, where they get discovered, and how they grow their fanbase. Beatstoc isn’t just another streaming platform, nor is it a place for artists to make money selling their music. Beatstoc is creating new royalties for artists based on entirely different factors such as popularity and fan engagement, among many others.

"They [Expedition Co.] give you such an amazing relational component that you know you’re really getting quality."

Mick Sweeney
COO, Beatstoc Inc.