Acquired • July 2022

Thousands of creators have already earned a collective $11M+ monetizing their content on Fanfix.



Mobile PWA
Product Strategy, UI, UX, Front-end & Back-end Development
Tech Stack
React, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform

More than 165 million creators joined the Creator Economy since 2020, and they are increasingly looking for better ways to monetize their content. Fanfix, a clean content monetization platform aims to be that solution. The app has already attracted 10 million users, and with active creators earning an average of $70,000 a year, Fanfix is on track to pay out $50M to creators by the end of 2023.

Fanfix was acquired by SuperOrdinary in July of 2022 for a reported 8 figures.

Fig. 1— Established creators can set their own prices, and monetize their content behind a paywall.

Creator Safety as a Priority

Social media is notorious for fostering toxic behavior. It was a priority for Fanfix to include vital safety features in version one, bucking the trend of making safety a problem for a later date.

Human moderators, clear community guidelines, guided conversation starters, and boundary-setting microcopy throughout the app are some of the features that we designed to meet these goals.

Fig. 2— Creator safety was a priority from the start.
Fig. 3— We designed a rich and interactive marketing site to attract creators to the platform

Out with the old

The most challenging aspect of this project was forcing ourselves to throw out every assumption we had about the music industry: how artists make money, where they get discovered, and how they grow their fanbase. Beatstoc isn’t just another streaming platform, nor is it a place for artists to make money selling their music. Beatstoc is creating new royalties for artists based on entirely different factors such as popularity and fan engagement, among many others.

"Fanfix is one in this space that’s emerging as the leader in the clean Gen Z-first monetization space because our platform, very simply, has been the place where creators earn the most money"
Harry Gestetner– Co-Founder at Fanfix for TechCrunch Read More