Mobile App Design Company

As a professional mobile app design company, our ultimate goal is to help our customers understand the technicalities of high-end mobile platforms, and utilize those platforms to help achieve business objectives.

There are many ways that mobile platforms can serve your business. Perhaps you’re interested in engaging an app design firm to fulfill your business profile requirements. That’s one of many areas we can help with. Whether you’re partial to Android app development, or looking to improve your iOS mobile app design, we’re happy to lend support. Our developers are subject matter experts in all areas of mobile application development. We encourage you to take a look at the extensive portfolio of apps we’ve created, and see which one could best further your business goals.

We are a team of dedicated and involved developers who focus on the unique requirements of every business we work with. We aim to provide high-quality mobile app design services in line with what our customers have come to expect. Our products are tailored to the specific use cases of our clients and their services to ensure they receive a custom made app to set them apart from the competition.

Android app icons
Mobile app icons

Full-Stack Development Team Providing Modern Solution

A huge asset for any app designing company is their development team. At Expedition Co., we’ve rigorously developed a team that is dedicated to, and creative with, their work. Our design team members are stand out talents in their field and strive to provide our customers with the best and the most up to date solutions to help propel business forward.

UX Design

As a customer-centric business, we utilize app designs that will satisfy your end users when they employ your applications. At our mobile design company, your customers are our ultimate priority when designing your applications. Our work is centered on making your applications as easy to use and seamless as possible for your end- users.

Whether you are interested in Android app design services or iOS mobile app design, we can help you create a UX for your customers that gives them a satisfying and comfortable experience. Our team will help you integrate your products and present them in a more user-friendly way, which will in turn enable your applications to stand out with a seamless and effortless experience.

Our ultimate goal as a company is to make your customers' experience with your app hassle free, so that they can use a mobile app design for Android or iOS without any confusion or frustration. To ensure this, we employ designs that are creative and immersive, yet easy to use. We build by connecting wireframes and making them tappable prototypes that can be thoroughly tested before being deployed- eliminating the user issues and bugs that so often pop up post-deployment.

Our user-friendly application designs will not only allow you to convey your message or product to your audience, but will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Ultimately, our apps will support you completely in achieving your business objectives.

UI Design

The best app design services focus on user interfaces with a robust and thorough attention to detail. The UI design for your application is what ultimately will connect you with your user as a service provider. At Expedition Co, we rigorously follow all the guidelines for app design that are provided by Apple and Google, negating the risk of pushback once deployed.

Our team understands and emphasizes the importance of catering to different customers who use different mobile systems. We make sure that our UI design matches that of the device your customers use. To create a positive and beneficial outcome, we show you our ideas for how your application interface will appear before the actual development begins, allowing you to give feedback, voice concerns, and ultimately partner with us to develop your application.

We spend time studying and analyzing your company thoroughly so that we can understand your company’s mission, vision, and goals. We consolidate all of that information into your mobile application’s user interface, ensuring that the end result stays true to your company’s brand.

Our app design company works in accordance with each customer’s professional requirements, and provides them with exciting and engaging products designed to attract relevant consumers to their brand. We believe that focus should not solely be on the usability of the products, but also on how visually appealing and engaging an application is. After all, most customers make a snap decision in the first 60 seconds of browsing- we aim to ensure that your application allows them to make the right one.

mobile application wireframes
Wireframing a mobile application

iOS App Development

At Expedition Co., we work within the framework laid out by Apple. Our team of experts is well versed in iOS APIs, and knows exactly how to operate within the user interface guidelines provided. The experience we have in dealing with iOS frameworks allows us to uniquely understand the requirements to create an app around those guidelines. Some of our currently preferred frameworks in use include UIKit, ARKit, SceneKit, and SpriteKit. The framework chosen for each application is done so according to the customer’s requirements, and the unique nature of the application being designed.

Our fluency in application framework libraries is visible in our work. We aim to give our customers access to the full range of frameworks that we are fluent in, to ensure flexibility, and to avoid any repetition. We employ subject matter experts who are not only creative in developing apps for companies, but who also use the most up to date and cutting edge tools to transform visuals into clear pixel codes.

Android App Development

We are extremely well versed in Android app design services, and have effectively tackled all levels of API in the Android community. We understand how to effectively utilize the libraries supported by Android systems such as Android KTX, Room, and Firebase. The library that is ultimately used in each application is decided based on the needs of both the app we are designing, and the business requirements of our clients.

Design Is What We Do

Designing and creating appealing and engaging mobile applications is always our ultimate end goal. We don’t just create an app solely based on codes. We make use of rigorous and thorough research. The mobile application that we ultimately design is more than a job for us — it is our passion. We truly put our heart and soul into each application, striving to make it the very best it can be.

Our extensive research allows us to collect a complete dataset of relevant information that can be used to design a plan uniquely tailored to your requirements. Each step of designing an app requires the utmost focus, and we make sure that we give each level of designing the attention and time that it deserves.

Project Definition

With each project we take on, the first thing we do is take time to deeply understand the requirements your business has, and highlight the goals that we are aiming to achieve. We take time to thoroughly understand what our customer wants from us, and to set expectations. This in turn further helps us in streamlining the important aspects of designing.


As a professional mobile app design company, we are well versed in doing our homework prior to undertaking a project. We make absolutely sure that we have all the information we need on the business we are catering to. This research and time spent helps us to better understand your company, goals, business type, product range, and much more. All the information collected in this step of the process plays a vital role later on when designing your application.


At this stage, we keep in mind the requirements and all the information that has been gathered in the earlier steps. It allows our team to effectively create  a compelling idea that fits our client’s goals. The groundwork laid in this stage covers the company’s goal while highlighting the customers’ needs at the same time. We merge the two in the best possible way to create a positive outcome.


Once an idea has been approved, we move on to the next step: creating a wireframe. This prototyping done during this step enables the developers to present a mockup idea to your business allowing you to visually experience what your application would look like. These prototypes are clickable, giving your business a truly realistic idea of what to expect out of the final application.

Test and Evaluate

Once all changes and improvements are incorporated into the prototype, we rigorously test the application and evaluate it in realistic environments to see how the users will interact with the application, and whether it is effective or not.

Mobile app development
Mobile app development

Dev Complete & Code Warranty

Once the agreed upon features are completed and tested, and we have eliminated any major bugs, “Dev Complete” status is achieved. Expedition Co. will then remain on standby to fix any bugs, errors with functionality, or user experience issues that can occasionally be experienced post-deployment during a 30-day code warranty.

This Is Expedition Co.

We create applications that help your business attain a maximum return on investment. Robustness, creativity, and innovation are a few of the traits that differentiate our skilled mobile app developers from others. Our developers are uniquely trained to envision your ideas, and work with those ideas to build cutting-edge mobile apps that your end- users will love.

Our team of mobile app developers create and design ideas, and then turn them into a reality that will help your business stand out. We design according to the particular requirements of your business and make sure that you, along with your users, are fully satisfied with the UX and UI design.

Our goal is to provide our customers and their end-users with the best possible experience. We build applications that are creative, and easy enough to use to to help your company achieve your business objectives.

From ideation to deployment, we transform your application requirements into significant plans and develop premiere apps that stand out in the saturated marketplace. We invite you to leverage our skilled expertise to harness the power of mobile-first experience with our end-to-end custom app development services in the US.

Ready to build an engaging and interactive mobile app that will keep your users engaged and satisfied? Contact us now to learn more about our mobile app design services.