We designed a simpler way to shop for beautiful, custom window treatments.

Responsive Ecommerce
Art direction, UI, UX, Front & back-end development, Maintenance
Tech Stack
Node.js & Express, Parse Server, jQuery, Webflow, Stripe
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When buying high-end window treatments, one typically requires the help of an interior designer or contractor in order to reduce the risks involved with purchasing products that are built to spec, difficult to install, expensive, and rarely refundable.

Everhem’s custom-built ecommerce website removes these risks altogether by providing customers with a step-by-step product builder that creates products dynamically based on the customer’s details (window type, design style, measurements, etc.). Once the customer receives Everhem’s products, they’ll find handwritten, easy-to-follow installation instructions tailored specifically to their window’s layout, further driving home the fact that anyone can have beautiful, custom-built window treatments, without the need for 3rd-party assistance.

Fig. 1— Everhem homepage

What you see is what you get

When buying highly custom, built-to-spec products, companies are rarely able to provide their customers with an accurate visual representation of what the final product will look like.  Everhem solves for this by generating product images dynamically based on the customizations selected by the customer. Hardware style and color, textile composition and color, lining type, pleat style, and mount position are all taken into consideration as Everhem’s backend generates an accurate product render prior to final purchase confirmation.

Fig. 2— Before diving fully into the configurator, customers can preview options on the fly.

The ultimate DIY helper

Each individual window treatment product (a single bedroom alone might have four or more) requires its own unique set of measurements and aesthetic selections. Performing these measurements and making these design choices without the help of a professional can be intimidating. Everhem understands this, which is why the online product builder isn’t just intuitive, but also offers safe-guards that prevent customers from submitting product variables that aren’t compatible with their window. Expedition Co. built this DIY tool in a way that anyone, including non-professionals, can gather and input the product specifications correctly.

Instant Previews
Over 10,000 photorealistic, color accurate product renders were created, allowing customers to preview before they buy.
Everhem Configurator
Interactive Configurator
Customers are guided through a step-by-step configurator, removing the need to hire an interior designer.
Everhem Configurator
Help when you need it
As customers customize their windows, helpful tips are presented along the way.
Everhem Configurator
Full Customizability
Full control is given to customers to configure their windows exactly how they like...
Everhem Configurator
Keep it simple
Keeping the process simple is paramount to a great user experience.
Everhem Configurator
Ready to buy?
Customers can change any of their selected configurations before adding to their cart.
Everhem Checkout
Fig. 3— We added a way to label each customized window. When shipped, that label is added to each item's packaging, making the lives of the installers much easier.

Custom ecommerce platform

After discovering that none of the industry-leading ecommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.)  were able support Everhem’s dynamically generated, non-SKU product lines, the only solution was to build our own.  In addition to providing us with the foundation we needed to build and deploy every item on the client’s desired feature list, our entirely custom-built ecommerce framework also gave us the flexibility to create other non-standard features to support Everhem’s unique back-office business flows.

By interior designers, for interior designers

Even though Everhem disrupts the need for the average person to enlist the help of a professional to purchase and install high-end drapery, it doesn’t render these individuals or services obsolete.  Everhem also caters to Interior Designers and contractors by allowing them to shop and build product variations on behalf of their customers for an even more seamless and efficient ordering process.

"I’m most impressed by Expedition Co.’s cool-headedness. When they encounter what seems like an insurmountable problem, they’re always able to find a solution."
Adam Weidenbaum– President, Everhem

Out with the old

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