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If you’re looking for service providers for mobile app development, Los Angeles is a great place to start. This city is home to some of the most talented development teams in the world. They are ready and excited to help you with all your app development needs. Among these talented teams, Expedition Co. stands out as one of the best; a dedicated tech app building company that focuses on the requirements provided by the client and then ideates a design that is appealing, easy to use, and in alignment with all of the client’s wants and needs.

Mobile app design
ExCo designed and built Staple Center's new mobile app

Our talented team aims to be more than a third party vendor — we work closely with our clients to make sure their vision is being upheld, striving to build a true partnership. Our team is extremely passionate about the work they do, and is here to be a meaningful resource for your growing business. Empowered by our app design, Los Angeles businesses — big or small — can drive a powerful and lasting impact in the market.

Accepting Challenges, Driving Change

Many companies face difficulties when finding the right developer for their app ideas, leading to delays in the progress and fulfillment of their work. We can help negate that hassle for you. Expedition Co.’s team is one of the best mobile app development companies Los Angeles can offer, ready to help you overcome some of the most common roadblocks companies encounter when they need an app developed for their business.

For example, all companies go through different phases of evolution and change. This is bound to happen due to the evolving technology and marketplace. These companies not only face the challenge of keeping up with changing behaviors around how customers use mobile apps, but they also may face financial crises at times where they have to look for investors willing to financially back their business idea.

Let's take a closer look at some other key challenges that companies often face when it comes to app development:

Extreme Level of Competition

There’s a huge market for mobile applications out there, and the competition to have the best mobile app for Android or iOS has reached a fever pitch. Companies that hire Expedition Co. to develop a new mobile app for their business gain a sharp edge in that competition. Our iPhone app developers on our Los Angeles team have plenty of experience helping our clients stand out from this cut-throat pack. We can help make your app idea visually appealing and easy for users to use, enabling you to attract a large consumer base.


Another problem many companies face when they want to create an engaging mobile app is that they run out of enough finances during app development. Whether you’re looking for iOS app development in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world, app development is an expensive procedure, often costing companies thousands of dollars to get a professional and user-friendly app made. Working with our iPhone app development company, Los Angeles businesses can enjoy a robust application while working within their budget.

Compatibility with Other Devices

When a company has an amazing app idea, they want to make it compatible with every device. And when you’re looking for iPhone app development in Los Angeles, Expedition Co. should be a natural first choice to achieve that goal. We will help you develop mobile applications in such a way that they’re equally compatible with all the devices that you want to target.

Mobile phones

App Development Services

Expedition Co. can aid you in crushing your mobile app goals and in reaching out to a larger audience base with an attractive and easy-to-use application.

We offer a wide variety of bespoke app development services. We employ a highly talented team of app designers and developers who create visuals and codes in a way that makes your application stand out in comparison to that of your competitors.

Custom Software Development

Our team of app developers is highly qualified and is the best in providing our clients with customized services for their online portals.  Many businesses require portals that are designed according to their requirements, which can differ based on the nature of the business and their products. We’re experts in designing apps around the requirements of these varying portals, and are confident in our ability to provide you with a winning solution.

Expedition Co. provides customized ERP solutions, System Integration, and ETL for our clients. Our application developers are experts with Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and all the varying mobile and web application technologies you need to power your unique business applications. For years, we have prided ourselves on delivering high-quality custom application development services, custom software development, mobile apps, and web applications to clients across a wide range of industries.

Mobile App Development

We can create engaging and streamlined Android and iOS apps, and provide clients with all other cross-platform applications that are required by their business. A mobile app can be a great way to attract new customers. Our team paves the way for you to build apps that are loved by people and application libraries alike.

Web App Development

At Expedition Co., we help you take your app game one step further with web app development. We empower you to harness the power of the desktop by extending the reach of your app from mobile to web application. We offer a variety of web app development services, including Static Page app, Single Page app, and Progressive Web app to cater to all potential customers who are using their desktop and not a phone.

Industries We Serve

Our work at Expedition Co. is not limited to a single industry vertical. We offer our services to a number of industries, which gives us an upper hand in our development projects — we know firsthand what is trending in each industry. We delight in offering our services to all startups, small scale, or large scale companies who are in need of our design and web development services.


We can help you create an e-commerce web or mobile app. We have experience working with a variety of brands, helping them create amazing applications that have enabled them to reach out to a larger market through the internet. We can help you provide your customers with easy-to-use solutions for online shopping. For example, we helped Matix flip the dental supply commerce industry on its head by providing the first ever all-in-one online inventory management and ordering solution.

mobile ecommerce website

Sports & Fitness

We are highly equipped in catering to the needs of the sports and fitness industry. We can help you create a sports or fitness mobile or web application that will help your customers keep track of their nutritional intakes, workout routines, and other similar important details that they’ll need to keep track of on their roads to fitness.

Explore how we helped Staples Center, Los Angeles’ most iconic sports entertainment venue, launch its new app.

Medical & Healthcare

Expedition Co. is an expert in providing healthcare applications for clients who are looking for a way to electronically record a customer’s health system. We can also provide management solutions for hospitals and clinics that can be recorded seamlessly and hassle- free through the bespoke website or system that we design for you.

Entertainment & Streaming

We are able to provide you with the best CMS systems for your customized services. We can also design an easy distribution system for your media businesses, helping you keep  tabs on all that goes on in the field. For example, we partnered with Beatstoc to reinvent and redefine the relationship between artists and fans.

mobile app for the music industry
Beatstoc — a mobile app that connects music artists with their biggest fans

Finance & Banking

We can help you develop mobile and web applications for accounting-related functions, digitally connecting to your wallet or creating tools that will help you stay up to date and informed on the payment systems for your company.

Your Los Angeles App Developers

Expedition Co. has ample experience in the field of app development in Los Angeles. We understand the importance of communication between our customers and their clients. We know from experience that this communication is only possible by creating custom mobile or web applications that help you study consumer behaviors as they browse your app. We can help you create an application that will support your internal and external business communication, bringing a new perspective to how you communicate with your stakeholders.

Our app developers in Los Angeles are passionate creatives, and fantastic partners to employ when working on projects like mobile app development and web portal designing. These are all extensive and time-consuming jobs that require a lot of energy throughout the procedures, but we believe that it is more rewarding to work in an atmosphere that feels less like work and more like a fulfilling project. We want our clients to be excited about the final product that they see. So, we make sure that our team, along with our clients, get the best experience possible.

Expedition Co. deeply believes that a company that takes care of its customers will succeed in keeping them satisfied. We live and operate by this notion. That’s why the majority of our customers are glad to have chosen us for their web development or mobile app development job, and choose to partner with us again for future projects.

We'll bring our drive, our focus, and our expertise to your project. Ultimately, this is the biggest and best benefit of choosing Expedition Co. for your app development projects: our team is truly passionate about what they do. They strive to give you an end result that exceeds your expectations.

If you’re interested in learning more,  please reach out to get to know us and our services better. We would love to hear from you.