ExCo Summit News Ed. 3

2019 is here. After a nice relaxing holiday break, the ExCo team is back at it, grinding away on 3 mobile apps, 1 e-commerce platform, and 1 interactive live-video portal. This week also marks the launch of Divcaster , a dividend analysis/forecasting tool we’ve been building since August. Just another exciting milestone for our incredibly hard-working team.

We anticipate the year ahead bringing us groundbreaking projects and the opportunity to implement award-winning design and cutting-edge technologies. The ExCo team may even double in a matter of months as the world of “new digital” continues to knock at our door.

1. Laws of UX

A beautiful set of minimalist posters that are sure to help you become a better user interface designer.

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2. Javascript Playground

A lightweight JS scratchpad for testing theories and nurturing creativity.

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3. If You Think Peloton Is Cool

…then Tonal is going to blow your freakin mind. Check out this $3,000 dollar in-home, machine-learning fitness device.

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Pop Culture Fine Art
Perfect Imperfection

This Italian soccer player-turned-artist uses simple modeling clay to express his love of travel, pop culture, the 90’s.

With every new digital product we release into the wild, after months of rigorous planning, designing, programming, testing, and iterating, we learn a little bit more about how we can improve our processes, workflows and general team-wide communication. We rely on our inner Marie Kondo to tidy up everything that didn’t spark joy into our hearts so that we can head into the next project locked and fully loaded…with joy that is.