ExCo Summit News Ed. 1

Expedition Co. here. Haven’t heard of us? That’s ok, you probably know the founders, Jesse Davis, and Isaac Swiderski.

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Welcome to the very first edition of *Summit News*, our new monthly publication covering relevant industry news and other insights that the ExCo crew finds particularly interesting.

Sadly, we owe you an apology. We meant to publish this months ago as an end-of-summer newsletter, but are only NOW finally able to find time to make it happen (…it’s Halloween).

“What the heck were you so busy with?" 🤔

So glad you asked! Over the past 6 months, we….

1. Moved our offices to the stunningly beautiful city of Palos Verdes Estates, where we can write code while staring at the ocean.

2. Added 3 new awesome developers to our team (Hi Mary! Hi Nan! Hi Len!).

3. Completed development on and launched a new internal  [sales training portal](http://www.theexpedition.co/work/hyundai)  for Hyundai.

4. Launched a  [custom e-learning platform](http://www.theexpedition.co/work/self-made-man)  geared toward young, hungry entrepreneurs and motivated self-starters.

5. (Most impressively) survived BOTH of LA’s record-breaking  [July heatwaves](https://la.curbed.com/2018/7/2/17519854/los-angeles-heat-wave-weather-july-record) … alive and fully-hydrated.

Our goal is for every edition of Summit News to be interesting, insightful, and always brief. So pause from your busy day and enjoy October’s issue, aka “Log Book 01”.

1. If This Then Domino’s

Now you can set up thousands of ways to automatically order Domino’s pizza. Game day? Snow day? Laundry day? You decide.

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2. Webflow E-Commerce

Although it is still in beta, when Webflow E-commerce launches, you’ll have the power to build a completely custom ecommerce store — from product grids and pages, down to shopping carts and checkout flows — without writing a single line of code.

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3. The Best 404 Page Ever?

With so many creative 404 Error pages out there, who’s is the best? It is GitHub’s Obi-Wan Kenobi? Amazon’s random “Dogs of Amazon” generator? No, it’s Dribbble’s interactive, dynamic color/image changing slideshow.

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Augmented Reality and weather
The Weather Channel Gets Immersive

The Weather Channel hires The Future Group to produce insane live-action AR stunts. This is a must-see.


Looking ahead to November–December, we anticipate the months to be packed full of user-testing and final prep in time for another big product launch. No spoilers, so keep an out for our next edition of Summit News to find out what the ExCo team is pushing live. Hopefully, we’ll have enough time to write it!

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