ExCo Summit News Ed. 5

Hobbiton, volcanos, scooter gangs, baby sheep, and a mid-project client walkthrough with Hewlett-Packard…that’s what perfectly describes our busy, yet incredibly fun company trip to New Zealand this past month. This weeklong international EXCO-rsion brought the team closer together as new cultures were enjoyed and once-in-a-lifetime memories were made. Since a photo is worth 10,000 words, we’ll summarize this 250,000 word intro by dropping a collage of our trip below. Enjoy!

Web development company's team building trip

1. Webflow Continues to Amaze Us

Since its release on the open source market, developers have taken advantage of Airbnb’s “Lottie” to convert and render After Effects animations natively for mobile and web. Can’t get any easier, right? Enter Webflow. With its latest release on 9/5, Webflow now includes everything Lottie has to offer, directly within its visual development tool.

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2. Wait But Why?

Do you like to read? Do you like to read a LOT? Do you like to read a LOT about really complicated topics, but in a way that makes it easy to understand and is also hilarious? Wait But Why has you covered. New post every sometimes.

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3. Closing the Gap Between Designers & Developers

It seems like every few months a new tool is released that improves the efficiency, communication, and file handoff between design and development. But every now and then, one of these tools feels like a game-changer. This is exactly how we feel about the upcoming release of Anima 4, which will allow Sketch users the ability to generate React components straight from their design files. Check out the link below to sign up for early access.

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Regex Crossword Puzzle
Get Ready to Flex Your Mental Muscles

If you’re a programmer, you may have written a regex pattern or two. But can you unravel the patterns in these “crossword” puzzles and find the characters to match every combination of regular expressions? Put your prolific pattern pairing prowess to work on these progressively perplexing puzzles.


Since we’ll be turning our recent international excursion into an annual event, the team is already brainstorming ideas for the next destination in 2020. While we can’t tell you what locations are making the list, you can be assured that all of them involve feeding our desire to explore and adventure off the beaten path.