ExCo Summit News Ed. 4

We moved! 2019 hit and we were itching for something new. So now we’re just around the corner in Rancho Palos Verdes in a super fun, super creative space with gorgeous panoramic views of the ocean. See for yourself. 😎 🌈

Tech startup company's office view of harbor
Tech startup company's office view of ocean

Now that we have your full attention (and you drooling over our incredible views), enjoy this month’s issue of Summit News!

1. Mozilla’s Firefox Send: It’s Free, Private, and Totally Awesome

There are thousands of cloud-based file sharing platforms to choose from. Some are free, some are simple to use, and some provide end-to-end encryption, but only Firefox Send gives you all three.

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2. Pre-Y2K Amazingness

Kudos to Marvel’s marketing team for the mega throwback Captain Marvel movie website. This thing pays serious homage to 90’s web design. How can something this ugly be so beautiful?

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3. Taking Photorealism To Another Level

Game developers have had access to Unreal Engine 4 since 2014, but only this year has a developer finally leveraged the platform’s full potential to produce next-gen photorealism. Check out this cinematic short, produced by Quixel, to see what video games might look like in the not-to-distant future.

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Driverless Car User Interface Design
Trusting Driverless Cars

Relinquishing control of a vehicle to the car’s AI is difficult, but Waymo understands this. So to reduce rider anxiety, they’ve improved their system’s ability to effectively and strategically communicate the car’s decision making and guidance process during each phase of the pickup/drop-off journey.